JSAPI Error Codes

Use this page to map error codes in responses to clear text messages

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Error Code Description
Error Code Description
1 You have slipped down the wrong leg of the trousers of time into a universe where that call didn't work as intended.
2 This rest method is not implemented.
4 Record not found.
6 Sorry, you are not authorized for that.
7 Sorry, you must log in first.
9 Missing data value: {0}
10 You are not entitled to this item. It may require a purchase or subscription.
12 Improper json format sent to endpoint.
13 The parameters passed in the request did not match expectations.
14 There was a database or query related error.
16 The Mac algorithm {0} was not found at run time.
19 This requires a registered account.
20 There was an issue retreiving item information.
24 That user does not exist.
25 The time period unit {0} was not recognized.
27 Invalid selection for {0}.
28 The service is currently down for maintenance. Please check back later.
30 The media type of the request is not supported.
31 Missing value in configuration: {0}
32 This request has been blocked based on its geo location.
33 No customer found.
34 Cannot delete record. It is referenced by other objects.
35 Cannot update record. Referenced object not found.
36 Request contains references to objects that cannot be resolved (invalid ID, etc).
37 There was an issue with job synchronization.
40 Health status: {0}
102 No country options for empty cart.
103 This cart can no longer be altered as it has been closed.
104 This cart can no longer be altered as it is being processed.
106 You already have this coupon applied to your cart.
107 Some of these coupons cannot be combined with other offers.
108 Insufficient total cost of items in cart for this coupon.
109 This coupon is not valid for any of the items in this cart. Please add the appropriate item first.
110 This is not a valid coupon code. Please try again.
112 You must select a shipping object for these items.
113 Price override is not within the allowed range
114 No postal code sent with invoice id.
115 Could not authenticate access to invoice or invoice deleted.
117 The item you have selected is out of stock, or too low to fulfill your request.
120 No cart available for current session.
122 The selected currency is invalid.
123 You do not have any currency in your virtual wallet to pay for that.
124 You do not have enough currency in your virtual wallet to pay for this.
139 Cannot change cart currency as its content cannot be localized
141 The currency of the sku selected is not compatible with the currency of the cart
203 The username you selected is already registered.
204 The email you selected is already registered.
205 You must fill in your '{0}'
209 No location provided and no default set.
210 The code supplied was not correct.
302 We could not determine your location.
403 Invoice final status could not be determined
404 Unknown invoice status type requested
405 Status change not permitted
406 One of the items you have selected is out of stock, or too low to fulfill your request.
408 We were unable to close the cart.
409 You cannot check out until you resolve the errors in your cart.
413 No one owns this invoice.
414 This invoice requires approval. {0}
510 There was a type mismatch with the template.
511 The template is missing a property: {0}
512 The template property is of the wrong type: {0}
513 The template is missing a behavior: {0}
514 The behavior properties are mismatched: {0}
516 The value for {0} was invalid for this template
702 You have already used up your maximum of {0}.
703 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} year.
704 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} month.
705 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} week.
706 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} day.
707 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} hour.
708 Unrecognized trigger {0}.
709 Parameter {0} missing for trigger {1}.
716 This is an invalid external trigger: {0}
717 Missing external parameter: {0}
718 This is a duplicate trigger using the given key: {0}
719 This is locked by the system.
720 There was a trigger conflict.
721 This was an invalid action: {0}
722 This was an invalid action mapping: {0}
723 There was a type mismatch: {0}
724 The global id {0} was invalid.
725 The global scope was invalid. {0}
726 The trigger parameter was a duplicate: {0}
727 The type {0} was invalid.
729 The global scope {0} was a duplicate.
730 Processes called outside of customer context.
731 The rule was a duplicate.
732 The external parameter was invalid.
802 The requested leaderboard with context id {0} was not found.
902 The requested itm could not be found.
903 You have already received the maximum number of copies of this item.
1101 Item {0} is not fulfillable.
1102 A sku is required when fulfilling a subscription.
1103 That sku does not match any plan for that subscription.
1104 Missing invoice inventory details for renewing a subscription.
1105 An invoice is required for renewing a subscription.
1106 This subscription option is only available to new subscribers.
1107 We cannot find the plan details requested.
1108 Cannot fulfill subscription_payment_switch item without a payment method on the invoice
1109 Cannot modify or delete core fulfillment types
1301 You are already friends with this user.
1302 You are not friends with this user.
1303 The friendship request was already declined
1304 The friendship status is unrecognized.
1305 The friendship request is currently pending.
1306 The friendship token was invalid: {0}
1401 Wallet balance cannot go below zero.
1507 Could not refund transaction {0} further. Max refund reached
1508 There was an error parsing the payment details.
1509 The payment authorization was not found.
1601 The new status {0} value same as old value for inventory id {1}.
1700 We cannot find the subscription in the user inventory.
1702 That subscription is not currently suspended.
1703 There is no payment method saved to the subscription or default for the user.
1704 The subscription plan is locked.
1705 The subscription plan was migrated from {0} to {1}.
1800 No results found in the store.
1900 We cannot determine the payment method to use.
1901 The payment method seems to be mis configured.
1902 The invoice cannot be found.
1903 The currency selected is not a valid wallet currency.
1904 There was a problem communicating with the payment provider. Please try again later.
1905 The payment method is not refundable.
1906 The payment refund failed.
1907 The payment refund has no invoice.
1908 The payment type was not found.
1909 The payment method was not payable.
1910 The payment method is not authorized.
2000 The trivia question is a duplicate.
2100 The settings are bad for this activity.
2101 A setting is bad for this activity, {0} and {1} do not match.
2102 The activity setting has a bad flow.
2103 The activity event is not running.
2104 The activity has insufficient players.
2107 The maximum number of participants has been reached.
2108 Cannot launch game unless all players mark status as READY.
2109 Cannot provide results for users not in occurrence.
2110 Already a part of this occurrence.
2111 Activity does not allow joining while in play
2112 You have been banned from this game by the host.
2113 Activity does not allow custom launch address
2114 Activity does not allow host to set status after launch
2115 Activity does not allow leaving while in play
2116 Activity does not allow booting players while in play
2117 Cannot specify a different user as host
2118 Non-player host cannot also be player
2119 Only admins can create this activity
2120 Activity does not alow a host that is not a participant
2303 PAYPAL_ERROR : {0}
2400 BATCH_TIMEOUT : {0}
2500 ROLE_LOCKED : {0}
2501 ROLE_ASSIGNED : {0}
2505 CLIENT_LOCKED : {0}
9000 This was a unrecognized notification status for PayPlus.
9002 Unable to verify PayPlus emergent notification signature for charge ID {0}
9003 The PayPlus invoice was invalid.
9004 PAYPLUS_ERROR : {0}
9100 XSOLLA_ERROR : {0}
9101 The JSON was invalid for the Xsolla request.
9102 The Xsolla invoice is invalid.
9103 The Xsolla signature is invalid.
9104 Invalid user id {0} sent by Xsolla
9200 Could not communicate with Apple services.
9201 Bad status returned for receipt.
9202 No matching transaction found for invoice.
9203 No matching transaction found in receipt.
9204 Transaction has already been processed.
9301 GOOGLE_BAD_JSON : {0}
9401 The Stripe id {0} was bad.
9403 Error from Stripe
9404 Stripe configuration missing
9405 Unable to validate Stripe event
9500 OPTIMAL_ERROR : {0}
9600 This can only be flagged once per user.
9700 This is an invalid response.
9701 There is a duplicate poll response.
9801 The media is already in the whitelist.
9901 The country {0} already has a tax rate
10401 Cannot delete the default currency. Please select a new default currency first.
10402 Cannot set a virtual currency as the default.
10403 Cannot remove the default_currency directly. Please assign it to a different currency.
10404 Cannot set the factor of the default currency to anthing other than 1 of itself.