Error Code Description
Error Code Description
1 An unexpected error has occurred! Take note of the request_id and get in touch with a KnetikCloud wizard so they can work some magic.
2 This rest method is not implemented.
3 The {0} could not be found for {0} ID {1}.
4 The {0} could not be found.
5 This is not available for SUPER_ADMIN.
6 You are not properly authorized for this.
7 You must log in first.
8 The {0} could not be found for {0} name {1}.
9 You need to provide the {0} ID or {1} ID.
10 You are not entitled to this item. It may require a purchase or subscription.
11 The {0} could not be found for {1} ID {2}.
12 Improper json format sent to endpoint.
13 The parameter {0} passed in the request did not match expectations.
14 There was a database or query related error.
15 The {0} could not be updated.
16 The algorithm for encryption was not found.
17 Exception serializing {0} for {1} {2}.
18 Exception deserializing {0} for {1} {2}.
19 Guests are not allowed to play.
20 SKU has no item in the cache.
21 The setting {0} is missing.
22 Required data is missing.
23 The following data was bad: {0}
24 Simulated occurrences are not allowed within a given {0}.
25 The time period unit {0} is bad.
26 Specified {0} does not belong to the specified {1}.
27 The {0} already exists for value {1}.
28 The system is down for maintenance.
29 Unrecognized setting {0}.
30 The media type is unsupported.
31 The following configuration is missing: {0}
32 Your geographic location is being blocked.
33 No customer information was found.
34 Cannot delete record. It is referenced by other objects.
35 There was a data integrity violation updating a resource.
36 There was a data integrity violation.
37 A week not supported in this endpoint
38 Can only process a job with a valid status. Current job status is {0}.
39 Unsuccessful call for OAuth token. Status code {0}.
40 The service is currently unavailable.
41 Operator {0} not supported.
42 No {0} found for {1} ID {2} and {3} ID {4}.
43 No {0} found for {1} ID {2} and {3} name {4}.
44 No {0} found for {1} ID {2} and {3} code {4}.
45 No version data available.
46 The {0} ID {1} and {0} ID {3} (in {2}) do not match.
47 The following is not enumerable: {0}.
48 The {0} could not be found for {0} code {1}.
49 The {0} could not be found for {0} key {1}.
50 The following filter could not be found: {0}.
51 The following operator could not be found: {0}.
52 Unable to determine constraint name for exception.
53 Exception instantiating resource of type {0}.
54 Page number must not be less than 1.
55 The size parameter value must be between 1 and 100.
56 Order parameters should be formatted like ?{0}=property_one{1}{2}{4}property_two{1}{3}
57 Invalid status: {0}.
58 The config for {0} is bad.
59 A constraint is blocking registration, contact admin.
60 Exception returning response about error returning response from filter.
61 You must set a {0} for this user.
62 Invalid template format.
63 Unable to resolve argument {0} in operation {1}.
64 Synchronization issue. Please contact an admin.
65 Type mismatch error. Property {0} expected {1}, got {2}.
66 The request is missing a required parameter of name {0} and type {1}.
67 The request contains the invalid character(s) {0}.
68 The request was rejected for security reasons.
100 Specified sku {0} is inactive. Out of date range(s).
101 Unable to switch between currency types.
102 The cart is empty.
103 Cart status closed. Can not modify cart ID {0}.
104 Cart status processing. Can not modify cart ID {0}.
105 This endpoint can not be used for coupons; they can be added using the /discounts endpoint in the cart service.
106 The cart coupon is a duplicate. The coupon has already been applied to the cart.
107 The cart coupon is exclusive. Some coupons can not be combined with other offers.
108 Insufficient total cost of items in cart for this coupon.
109 This coupon is not valid for any of the items in this cart. Please add the appropriate item first.
110 This is not a valid coupon code. Please try again.
111 The cart shipping address is missing.
112 You must select a shipping method for these items.
113 The price override for this cart is invalid.
114 No such state code {0} in country code {1}.
115 Could not authenticate access to invoice or invoice deleted.
116 Coupon type of coupon_cart cannot have a discount type of "value".
117 The item you have selected is out of stock, or too low to fulfill your request.
118 Cannot locate your cart session based on country.
119 This cart belongs to another user.
120 Can not add new item to cart ID {0} as its currency does not match the currency of the cart.
121 Cannot relocalize cart contents.
122 The selected currency is invalid.
123 You do not have any currency in your virtual wallet to pay for that.
124 You do not have enough currency in your virtual wallet to pay for this.
200 You must submit one non-null value to locate a user with.
201 Password is required for registration.
202 Cannot reset password by email when email addresses are not unique.
203 The username you selected is already registered.
204 The email you selected is already registered.
205 Missing user data needed for registration.
206 The email {0} was not found.
207 The mobile number {0} was not found.
208 The username {0} was not found.
209 No temp password found with user ID {0} and secret {1} .
210 Could not find all users. Found {0} out of {1} specified. Please check the IDs.
211 The mobile number you provided is already registered.
400 Could not locate wallet for invoice.
401 Invalid invoice vendor IDs.
402 Could not mark invoice item as status {0}.
403 Cannot determine invoice final status.
404 Unknown invoice status type requested.
405 The invoice status change is not permitted.
406 One of the items you have selected is out of stock, or too low to fulfill your request.
407 Could not find all invoice items specified.
408 Error closing cart.
409 You cannot check out until you resolve the errors in your cart. {0}
410 You cannot pay an invoice for another user.
411 You cannot pay an invoice with a payment method that belongs to another user.
412 Could not set fulfillment status for bundle item {0}.
413 Cannot generate an invoice for an anonymous cart. Valid user or admin account required.
414 You must create a payment authorization.
415 The country code {0} or state code {1} is bad.
416 Exception setting invoice item fulfillment status.
500 This template is attached to n objects, please choose a cascade option to proceed.
501 An ID cannot contain asterisk (*)
502 Not a proper class.
503 Not a proper type hint.
504 The template does not recognize additional property: {0}.
505 The template has an invalid value: {0}.
506 The template is not modifiable.
507 The template is missing the following behavior: {0}.
508 The template property is the wrong type: {0}
509 The template requires additional property: {0}.
510 The template does not match the resource.
511 A template is required for all resources implementing additional properties.
512 The property {0} can not be set to type {1}, another {2} template has it as type {3}.
513 The property {0} was defined multiple times; it can only be defined once.
514 "Interruption while acquiring synchronization lock in templates for resource {0}.
700 Rules called outside of customer context.
701 Trigger definitions called outside of customer context.
702 You have already used up your maximum of {0}.
703 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} year.
704 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} month.
705 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} week.
706 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} day.
707 You have already used up your maximum of {0} in this {1} hour.
708 Unrecognized trigger {0}.
709 Missing the following parameter: {0}.
710 The target fire date is sooner than 1 minute
711 BRE event {0} missing request data.
712 Exception in synchronous BRE event for trigger {0} and rule {1}.
713 Unrecognized type group {0}.
714 Failed to convert action mapping field {0} from class {1} to an expression. Action mapping can only contain fields of type Expression.
715 Unable to decode expression.
716 Invalid BRE trigger event name: {0}.
717 Missing external BRE parameter: {0}.
718 The BRE trigger {0} is a duplicate.
719 This is locked by the system.
720 There was a trigger conflict.
721 This was an invalid action: {0}.
722 This was an invalid action mapping: {0}.
723 There was a type mismatch: {0}.
724 The global ID {0} was invalid.
725 The global scope was invalid. {0}.
726 The trigger parameter was a duplicate: {0}.
727 The type {0} was invalid.
728 Exception setting up BRE variable type list on type {0}.
729 The global scope {0} was a duplicate.
730 Processes called outside of customer context.
731 The rule was a duplicate.
732 The external parameter was invalid.
733 Number of arguments {0} does not match expected count {1} for operation {2}.
734 Unable to find variable type {0}.
735 Unable to parse date, invalid format. Expected {0}, actual was {1}.
736 Operation CASE_WHEN requires a boolean argument, got {0} ({1}).
737 Event referenced in expression not found: {0}.
738 Event parameter referenced in expression not found on target trigger: {0}.
739 Event parameter referenced in expression does not match type found in target trigger. Was {0}, expected {1}.
740 Event parameter {0} missing from expression.
741 Exception getting global key {0}.
742 Global definitions called outside of customer context.
743 Count {0} does not equal {1}.
744 The character sequence {0} is reserved and cannot be used in the map key {1}.
745 The specified sub property {0} of resource {1} could not be accessed.
746 The specified sub property contains an array and does not have index {0}.
747 Incompatible variable types for comparison, verify your condition.
748 Could not instantiate bre variable type {0}.
749 Cannot build rule for trigger class {0}.
750 Your given trigger must have 1 (and only 1) parameter of type user; it currently has {0}.
751 The external parameter was invalid: {0}.
752 Unsupported variable type found in parameter expression. Found {0}, expected one of {1}.
753 Operator {0} will only accept a(n) {1} value for argument at position {2}.
754 Unable to resolve argument at position {0} in operation " + {1}.
900 Cannot send entitlement when part of an event.
901 Interruption while acquiring synchronization lock for user ID {0} and item ID {1}.
902 The entitlement item for ID {0} was not found.
903 You have already received the maximum number of copies of this item.
1000 The challenge is not part of that campaign.
1100 There was a problem with fulfillment processing.
1101 The fulfillment for item ID {0} was not fulfillable.
1102 Attempted to fulfill item ID {0} without SKU.
1103 Could not find plan for item ID {0} with primary SKU {1}.
1104 Could not find invoice subscription details for invoice ID {0} with primary SKU ID {1}.
1105 Could not find invoice for item ID {0} with primary SKU ID {1}.
1106 Attempted to fulfill subscription for new subscriber ID {0} but user ID {1} is not new.
1107 Cannot find subscription plan fulfillment.
1108 Cannot fulfill subscription payment switch item without a payment method on the invoice.
1109 Cannot change fulfillment core.
1110 Cannot fulfill subscription payment switch item without an invoice.
1200 Cannot perform operation: request user is not the original poster.
1300 The following friendship token is invalid: {0}.
1301 This user is already a friend.
1302 User ID {0} and user ID {1} have no friendship connection.
1303 This friendship has been declined.
1304 Unrecognized friendship status.
1305 This friendship is currently pending.
1400 Wallet value must be positive or negative.
1401 The wallet has a negative balance.
1500 The payment method was not found.
1501 The payment method ID {0} was invalid.
1502 No processor named {0} found for payment type name {1}.
1503 Real currency {0} is not the default currency.
1504 Payment network failure.
1505 The payment method is not refundable.
1506 The payment refund failed.
1507 Could not refund transaction {0} further. Max refund reached.
1508 There was an error parsing the payment details.
1509 The payment refund has no invoice.
1510 The payment type was not found.
1511 The payment method was not payable.
1512 The payment method is not authorized.
1513 This payment method does not support partial payments.
1514 No payment method information found for the selected invoice. Cannot refund systematically.
1515 Cannot issue partial refund within 24 hours of posting a payment.
1516 Payment has been voided, cannot issue refund.
1517 No processor named {0} found for payment type name {1}.
1518 The payment method ID {0} for user ID {1} does not exist or is not removable.
1600 The user inventory status was not changed.
1700 The subscription was not found.
1701 Cannot reactive a non-suspended subscription.
1702 No payment method found for subscription.
1703 User ID {0} does not match user ID {1}.
1704 The subscription plan is locked.
1705 The subscription plan was migrated from {0} to {1}.
1706 Invalid plan ID specified for auto migration.
1707 Could not find payment method for user ID {0} and subscription inventory ID {1}.
1708 Plan names should be unique per subscription.
1709 Renewal count dropped to 0.
1800 No results found in the store.
1801 New get_limit {0} does not match group limit {1} for time period gettable group {2}.
1802 New time_length {0} does not match group length {1} for time period gettable group {2}.
1803 New unit_of_time {0} does not match group unit {1} for time period gettable group {2}.
1804 Pre-requisite entitlement item with ID {0} not found.
1805 A bundle item may only have one SKU. SKU count: {0}.
1806 Invoice total does not match SKU price.
1807 Item requires a valid "{0}" behavior to be assigned to it in order to be created/updated.
1808 Item in bundle is not a valid item.
1809 Bundle price does not equal sum of price overrides.
1810 Price overrides in bundle must all be null OR all have a value.
1811 Duplicate SKU error.
1812 This endpoint only accepts {0} items.
1813 Exception comparing non-modifiable behavior.
1814 Cannot quick buy a {0}.
1815 Cannot quick buy this {0}, as it requires shipping.
1816 SKU {0} not found.
1900 Cannot parse filter value: {0}.
1901 Invalid filter format, use OP,value (ex: EQ,14).
1902 Supported operators for filter are {0}.
2000 There was a duplicate trivia question found.
2001 Unable to block duplicate trivia questions, system already has duplicates.
2100 The activity setting has a bad flow.
2101 The activity is already finished.
2102 Metrics have already been recorded.
2103 The activity event is not running.
2104 The activity has insufficient players.
2105 Settings are required for this activity.
2106 This activity does not include settings.
2107 Trying to create a non-simulated occurrence of a simulated activity.
2108 You need to provide both an event ID and a challenge activity ID in order to participate to an activity within an event.
2109 The activity unique key {0} exists.
2110 Invalid entitlement sent, none are allowed for this activity outside of events.
2111 No entitlement sent, this activity requires one selected if not in an event.
2111 No entitlement sent, this activity requires one selected if not in an event.
2112 Invalid entitlement sent, must select one from those available for the activity.
2113 Enrolling users in a activity requires ACTIVITIES_ADMIN.
2114 Challenge is not active.
2115 Cannot override setting specified in challenge.
2116 The activity is not open.
2117 The activity is not open or it is not setup.
2118 The maximum number of participants has been reached.
2119 Cannot launch game unless all players mark status as READY.
2120 Cannot provide results for users not in occurrence.
2122 Activity does not allow joining while in play.
2123 You have been banned from this game by the host.
2124 Activity does not allow custom launch address.
2125 Activity does not allow host to set status after launch.
2126 Activity does not allow leaving while in play.
2127 Activity does not allow booting players while in play.
2128 Cannot specify a different user as host.
2129 Non-player host cannot also be player.
2130 Only admins can create this activity.
2131 Activity does not alow a host that is not a participant.
2132 The value for min_players cannot be less than the activity's minimum.
2133 The value for max_players cannot be greater than the activity's maximum.
2134 The value for min_players must match challenge's minimum.
2135 The value for max_players must match challenge's maximum.
2136 The results_trust setting cannot be less restrictive than the activity's setting.
2137 The results_trust must match challenge.
2138 Interruption while acquiring synchronization lock for occurrence id {0}.
2139 You must be admin to use the bypass_restrictions flag.
2140 Only a host or admin can ban.
2141 User ID {0} not found in occurrence.
2142 Only host or ACTIVITIES_ADMIN may set settings.
2143 Only participants can post results.
2144 Cannot find activity referenced by challenge activity {0}. Expected {1}. Did the activity get deleted?
2200 Invalid request to Authorize.NET.
2201 Invalid callback from Authorize.NET.
2202 Unknown Authorize.NET error.
2203 Authorize.NET invalid invoice ID {0}.
2204 Authorize.NET payment error, null response.
2300 Exception calling to PayPal for finalizing billing agreement token.
2301 Error from PayPal for creating agreement token.
2302 Error from PayPal for charging invoice ID {0}.
2303 Bad status code from PayPal for charging invoice ID {0}.
2304 Exception calling to PayPal for creating agreement token with purchase of invoice ID {0}.
2305 Exception calling to PayPal for finalizing billing agreement token with purchase of invoice ID {0}.
2306 Error from PayPalClassic for refunding transaction ID {0}.
2307 Exception sending charge to PayPal for invoice ID {0}.
2308 Exception sending refund to PayPal for transaction ID {0}.
2309 Error searching for transaction for invoice ID {0}.
2310 Issue processing IPN from PayPal for transaction ID {0}, currency {1} does not match invoice currency {2}.
2311 Issue processing IPN from PayPal for transaction ID {0}, recipient {1} does not match configured {2}.
2312 Exception processing IPN from PayPal for transaction ID {0}.
2313 Issue processing IPN from PayPal for transaction ID {0}, no config found.
2400 Unable to complete batch in a timely manner. It could be that the batch is too large.
2401 Batch URI calls can not be made in a batch job.
2402 Problem with batch token.
2403 Batch could not complete successfully, please try again or contact support.
2600 There was a duplicate asset qualifier.
2700 Cannot locate S3 file.
2701 Invalid S3 file format.
2800 This achievement is derived.
2801 Achievement progress cannot be found for user ID {0} and achievement name {1}.
2900 No customer information was found.
2901 Problem in customer app tracker for {0}.
3000 Could not validate device authorization code.
3001 Platform not properly configured for device.
3002 Please specify notification platform when using a device authorization code.
3003 No mobile app configuration found for platform {0}, use config service to set appropriate values.
3100 The filter_context requires pattern of TYPE or TYPE:ID.
3101 Cannot delete disposition; request user is not the original poster.
3200 The user is not a direct member of the specified group.
3201 Membership is implicit through sub-group membership. Create explicit membership first.
3202 Duplicate entry for same user. Saw ID {0} twice.
3300 User leveling progress not found for user ID {0} and leveling name {1}.
3600 Elasticsearch is not enabled on this system.
3601 No search definition found for type {0}.
3602 Invalid Elasticsearch query.
3603 The submitted ElasticSearch query was formatted incorrectly.
3604 There is an unknown issue with the submitted ElasticSearch query.
3606 The query sent timed out. Please check query and contact support if needed.
3607 Connection to search timed out, possibly due to high volume.
3800 Exception while running {0}: {1}.
3801 Unable to cast value as date, unknown format: {0}.
3802 Unable to parse date {0}, expected default format: {1}.
3803 Job completed.
3804 No one has this job.
3805 Exception determining server IP address.
3806 Another server has job.
3807 Another thread has job
3808 Exception in scheduled thread for name{0} and customer name {1}.
3809 Unable to decode SQS message {0}.
3810 SQS queue {0}, already registered by SQSReceiver {1}.
3811 Exception translating int {0} to enum {1}.
3900 Item with ID {0} does not have spendable behavior.
3901 Item key is null.
3902 Item could not be found with item key {0}.
3903 This item price is not overridable.
3904 Item not an entitlement.
3905 Item is not fulfillable. Check fulfillment type settings.
3906 An item with the unique key {0} already exists.
3907 Invalid item count.
3908 Item cannot be fulfilled to inventory. Check fulfillment type settings.
3909 Item with item ID {0} from reward set not found.
3910 Unique key {0} is a duplicate.
3911 The item with SKU {0} is currently in bundle ID {1} and cannot be deleted until removed from the bundle. The SKU is in {2} total bundles.
4100 The {0} is locked, cannot be edited/deleted.
4101 Only a super admin can create/edit/delete a locked {0}.
4102 User ID must be an integer or "me"
4103 You must be a valid user to use "me" as a user ID.
4104 The proper authorization parameters are missing.
4200 Reason is required for active resolution.
4300 Leaderboard not found with context type {0} and context id {1}.
4400 You cannot assign ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN.
4401 Role is currently assigned to a client.
4402 Role is currently assigned to a user.
4403 Role is currently assigned.
4404 Role value cannot be edited. Delete this role if you do not like its role key.
4500 The value of filter_friends must be "true" or a user ID.
4501 The value of filter_outbound_relationship must match VIDEO_ID or VIDEO_ID:DETAILS.
4502 The value of filter_disposition requires pattern of USER_ID:DISPOSITION or me:DISPOSITION.
4503 The value of filter_disposition for "me" requires user token.
4504 You do not have permission to modify that video.
4505 This video is private.
4506 User not in whitelist.
4507 Cannot upload for this user.
4600 No question found with tag {0}.
4700 Must be an administrator to access transactions with no user.
4800 Could not refund {0} for transaction ID {1} as payment method processor "portal" does not support refunds
4900 Invalid date format specified. Use YYYY/MM/DD.
5000 Permission value cannot be edited. Delete this permission if you do not like its permission key.
5001 Permission is currently assigned to a role.
5002 You cannot assign permissions you do not already have.
5100 You cannot blacklist yourself.
5101 You can only edit your own messages.
5102 You may only delete your own messages.
5200 You can only subscribe to the following path: {0}.
5201 Missing subject when sending email message.
5202 Recipient {0} not an integer for recipient_type user.
5203 Missing message templates: {0}
5300 Unable to operate on a locked topic without proper permission.
5400 The path {0} does not exist in the resource.
5401 The path {0} could not have its value removed.
5402 The path {0} must represent a value that is an array.
5403 When supplying an array index, it must exist or be a dash.
5404 The path {0} could not have its value set with the value provided.
5405 The index value {0} was not found in the array for path {1}.
5406 You cannot add or remove from an array at the root level.
5407 The resource cannot be replaced with this value.
5408 This resource cannot be patched.
5409 The index value {0} was not proper for path {1}.
5410 You must supply a proper index value given the indexes that currently exist for path {0}
5411 The test has failed; this key does not exist.
9000 Unrecognized PayPlus notification status.
9001 Exception generating PayPlus signature.
9002 Unable to verify PayPlus emergent notification signature for charge ID {0}.
9003 Invalid invoice found with invoice ID {0}.
9004 Unable to obtain payment profile for customer {0}.
9005 Null return from sending charge to PayPlus for invoice ID {0}.
9006 Null return from sending charge to PayPlus for transaction ID {0}.
9007 Exception sending charge to PayPlus for invoice ID {0}.
9008 Exception sending refund to PayPlus for transaction ID {0}.
9100 Exception generating token for Xsolla invoice ID {0}.
9101 Invalid json for Xsolla.
9102 Invalid invoice ID {0} for Xsolla.
9103 Invalid Xsolla signature.
9104 Invalid user ID {0} for Xsolla.
9105 Exception sending refund for Xsolla invoice ID {0}.
9200 Bad status code {0} from Apple endpoint for invoice ID {1}.
9201 Bad Apple status: {0}.
9202 Exception from Apple for invoice ID {0}.
9203 There was a bad Apple transaction.
9204 Invalid Apple receipt log for transaction ID {0}.
9205 Wrong content for SKU {0}.
9300 Exception verifying signature.
9301 Exception parsing payload from Google.
9302 The signature was invalid.
9303 Developer payload not an integer.
9304 Developer payload not found.
9305 Exception building Google public key.
9306 Purchase status does not indicate success.
9400 Exception retrieving Stripe charge {0}.
9401 Payment authorization charge failed, auth ID {0}.
9402 Exception refunding Stripe charge ID {0}.
9403 Exception processing callback from Stripe.
9404 Payment authorization missing details.
9405 Payment authorization charge_id in details is wrong class: {0}.
9406 Exception creating Stripe charge for invoice ID {0}.
9500 Could not initiate payment for invoice ID {0} for payment method processor "Optimal" as recurring payments are not implemented.
9501 Exception sending charge to Optimal for invoice ID {0}.
9502 Exception creating order with Optimal for invoice ID {0}.
9503 Exception marking Optimal payment for invoice ID {0}.
9504 Exception refunding order with Optimal for transaction ID {0}.
9600 This can only be flagged once per user.
9700 Invalid poll response.
9701 There can only be one poll response.
9800 The video with video ID {0} is already whitelisted.
9900 A state tax with country code {0} and state code {1} already exists.
9901 A country tax with country code {0} already exists.
9902 No results found for country code {0} and state code {1}.
10000 {0} account is already linked to user ID {1}.
10001 Invalid access_token sent.
10002 No external profile found.
10100 Invalid FattMerchant payment method.
10101 Original transaction could not be retrieved. Transaction ID: {0}.
10102 FattMerchant API failure.
10103 FattMerchant charge failed.
10104 The payment method {0} is invalid.
10200 Invalid {0}. Must be a boolean.
10201 Config marked as private. This can be changed from your control panel if needed.
10400 SKU has an invalid currency code.
10401 Cannot delete the default currency. Please select a new default currency first.
10402 Cannot set a virtual currency as the default.
10403 Cannot remove the default_currency directly. Please assign it to a different currency.
10404 Cannot set the factor of the default currency to anything other than 1 of itself.
10405 SKU must be priced in virtual currency.
10512 Cannot remove access to a field you cannot access at this level by blacklisting it.
10513 Cannot add access to a field you cannot access at this level by removing it from blacklist.
10600 The provided dimension keys do not match any dimension_set for that metric.
10601 The metric type {0} is not allowed for this endpoint.
10602 The parent metric id {0} has no data posted.
10603 Delta metrics must have a parent metric id.
10604 There was a problem updating this alert externally. Please confirm your expressions are valid.
10605 There was an issue deleting this alert externally. Please try again.